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Pico Laser Machine Price – Shr IPL OPT hair removal with Pico laser – Multifunctional OPT beauty Equipment’s

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4 in 1 Multifunction Beauty Machine


Brightway Technologies is a Multifunctional OPT beauty equipment’s importers in Pakistan.  shr laser hair removal machine is a type of beauty salon specialty. It iss used as non-invasive hair removaling equipment for commercial hair salon  specialty. It shr laser hair removal machine is one of the latest technology in hair removal and non-invasive hair removing techniques, and commonly referred to as laser hair removal machines, is a type of beauty salon specialty.


1. ipl shr hair removal,vascular removal,skin rejuvenation
2. nd:yag laser tattoo removal,freckle/pigment/spot removal,skin whitening
3. acne treatment,face lifting


1. Non-invasive: No wound of skin.
2. Painless: Adopts ipl shr e-light opt ipl shr technology, ipl handle can shot continuously and fast.
3. Security: E-light can avoid the side effects of the glare effectively, simultaneous, also can reduce the difficulty of operation.
4. Effect: A wider range of applicable customer, instant effect is more obvious, while long-term effect is more durable.
5.Multifunction: Adopt the latest high technology,with a wide application.
6.Core technonlogy: E-light, ipl shr na: yag laser RF


Effect comparison

(1)professional ipl shr hair removal

(2)Skin whitening

(3)Freckle removal
(4)Acne treatment

(5)Vascular removal

(6)Speckle removal

(7)Mole removal
(8)Birthmark removal

(9)Tattoo removal


Input Voltage 110-220VAC+15%
Current 10A
Output Power 2500W
Xenon Lamp 50-100mm
Power Size Depth  330x, Length 220x,Height 133mm
Filters 480nm, 530nm,640nm
Operation Screen 8.0-inch color touch
Cooling System Semiconductor, Water Circulation
Spot Size 12*30mm
Cooling System 5 Level Adjustable 5 Level Interval
Lamp Longevity One Hundred Thousand Shots
Package Size 115’56*56cm
Net Weight 50kg


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