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Woods Lamp Skin Analyzer | Woods Lamp price in Pakistan | Ultraviolet Skin Analyzer

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This skin scope analyzer machine has a simple appearance, one button to turn on, Clear observation results can be obtained by placing the product at a distance of about 10cm from the skin.


Is a diagnostic tool used to observe any problem skin, can accurately detect the loss of melanin, It also can detect skin pigment disorders, acne problems, or others.


40*40mm large observation area, 2X magnification, the LED light is combined with a large-area magnifying lens and an observation window to observe the results conveniently and simply.


Lithium battery long power supply, wireless and portable, at any time detection. made to examine and diagnose your skin type or pets skin condition for proper face care.


One-key operation, easy to use. One-button power switch is convenient and convenient to use, just like using a magnifying glass.stable performance, quickly detect the skin condition.




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