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Vaginal Tightening Machine – Thermiva Fractional RF Machine – Rf vaginal rejuvenation Machine

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ThermiVa is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure that uses radio-frequency technology to promote natural collagen production and tissue rejuvenation by application of gentle thermal energy for incontinence treatment.

Women will see significant improvement in appearance of external female genitalia (even with one session), tighter vagina, improved lubrication, enhanced orgasms, better urinary control, better vaginal sensation, strengthen pelvic muscles.

Benefits of treatment:

1. Improving the tightness of vaginal:

Tightening the entire vulva region, from the labia majora to the entire internal vagina.
Both the patient and her partner can detect a significant improvement in firmness.

2. Improving the appearance of the labia:

The skin of the external genital area is tightened and smoothed to improve its appearance.

3. Increasing vaginal discharge:

Increasing blood flow through zero-hormone therapy to eliminate dryness, restore nerve signaling transmission and improve lubrication.

4. Improving sexual function:

Improving women’s and their partners’ sexual satisfaction by increasing sensitivity of orgasm and contraction of muscle.

5. Reducing stressful urinary incontinence:

Reducing urinary leakage accidents by strengthening pelvic muscle tissue and helping treat mild to moderate stressful urinary incontinence.



Use of radio frequency energy to gently shrink the tightening of the labia and vaginal tissue, the vulva and vaginal areas can produce 35 ℃ -40 ℃ heat, improve blood circulation, effectively stimulate the formation of collagen; meanwhile the use of micro-current (EMS) on the vaginal wall Peripheral muscle groups for safe and effective bioelectric stimulation, make the vaginal wall contraction strong, and it is also helpful for tissue and nerve repair.
High frequency wave private instrument with a gentle smooth S-shaped probe to reduce the internal tissue of the vagina atrophy, restore flexibility, enhance sexual function, so that reduce the prolapse, urine leakage related symptoms. Using the “S” probe for external, the labia immediately remodeling, improve women’s self-confidence. The S-shaped handle has a heat sensor, can be precise control of the probe surface temperature, to ensure that the best treatment temperature, safe and effective treatment.


Cosmetic Appearance

– Sagging skin, such as the inner and outer labia, is significantly reduced, providing a more youthful appearance and allowing women to feel more comfortable in form-fitting clothing.

Reduced Dryness and Vaginal Atrophy 

– Radiofrequency energy improves blood circulation in the treated areas, promoting normal function, such as the natural lubrication in the vagina. ThermiVa allows women to regain healthy vaginal moisture without having to rely on hormone therapy. Internal and external vaginal moisture is vital for comfort and overall vaginal rejuvenation.

Reduced Urinary Leakage 

– Many women who have given birth (either vaginal or C-section) suffer from incontinence because the pelvic muscles may be stretched and weakened. ThermiVa can be used as a mild female incontinence treatment by tightening and firming the tissues under the bladder, reducing stress-related leaks and urge incontinence.

Non-Invasive Sessions 

– ThermiVa is a completely non-surgical procedure that does not require anesthesia or any recovery period. A new handpiece is used for every patient and the temperature can be adjusted to suit each patient’s comfort level. Patients can receive ThermiVa treatments as early as six weeks after giving birth and can safely and comfortably have sex immediately after their vaginal rejuvenation session.

Long-Lasting Results 

– With just a few ThermiVa sessions, which take no more than 15 to 20 minutes, patients can experience immediate vaginal rejuvenation that lasts between nine months to two years!


No incisions necessary

Short treatment sessions Improves physical sensation

Treats internal and external features (i.e., inner and outer labia and vaginal canal)

Improves dryness and laxity

No downtime (outpatient procedure; no hospitalization required)

Helps reduce or stop urinary incontinence

Enhances natural vaginal lubrication

Minimizes the risk of pain during sexual intercourse Increases self-confidence


Input power
100-120/200-240±10% 50/60HZ
Rated Power Input
Output power
Max Output Voltage
Operating Frequency
Power Delivery Modes
RF Mode BioMed
Set Temperature Rang
35-40 degree
Dual fuses:3.0A/250V
Sine wave for RF Mode
Square wave for Stimulate Modes
5.75″ H*12.5″W*13.0’D(146mm*318mm*330mm)


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Vaginal Tightening Machine - Thermiva Fractional RF Machine - Rf vaginal rejuvenation Machine

Original price was: ₨ 276,900.00.Current price is: ₨ 276,780.00.

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