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Nikon Speedy-K Price | Autorefractor Keratometer Nikon Speedy-K | Autorefractor Keratometer Price in Pakistan

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Refurbished Nikon Righton Speedy K autoref- keratometer

Refurbished Nikon Speedy-K Autorefractor Keratometer provides accurate refraction, keratometry measurements in a compact design.  10 days full warranty. Contact us for our autorefractor keratometer price.

Nikon Speedy-K Autorefractor Keratometer Features

  • Automatic printing of both the Keratometry and Refraction data on this Righton Autorefractor
  • Simultaneous and automatic wireless transfer to a Remote Vision unit.
  • 0.35 second measuring time for each reading, plus you receive the most accurate data without having to press any keys.
  • Even when taking a Peripheral Keratometry reading, it completes a set of Refraction, Central
  • Keratometry and Peripheral Keratometry readings in only 0.45 seconds per reading.
  • Quick Mode, Retro Function and Fixation Intensity Change all ensure accurate readings.
  • 100 patient memory in Righton Speedy-K.

The Tangential method measures four peripheral points in 25 degree direction concurrently, dramatically saving time. Refraction, Keratometry Center and Peripheral data are all taken simultaneously, in a 0.45 second reading.

Simultaneous Measurement

Measure Refraction and Keratometry data continuously and automatically in an amazing 0.35 seconds per reading.

Wider Reading Range

For Keratometry, Speedy-K boasts a corneal radius curvature range of 5 – 11 mm and a corneal astigmatism range of up to 12D. For refractions, its spherical range is from -18D to +23D, while its cylindrical range is up to 12D.

Video Jack

For viewing on a separate monitor, a video jack is also provided.

2.5 mm Pupil Dismeter Plus Light Intensity Control

The minimum pupil diameter is 2.5 mm. Moreover, the light intensity of the fixation chart can be reduced for patients whose eyes are overly sensitive to light. In addition, the improved Tree target is easy to see, and is familiar, even for children.

The periphery of the target is slightly blurred so that the patient will focus easily on the center of the target.

Contact Lens Measurement

Speedy-K also permits measurement of contact lens curvatures by using a dedicated contact lens holder.




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