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A Scan Ultrasound & Pachymeter SK-2000AP

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A Scan Ultrasound & Pachymeter with macular recognition function, can accurately measure axial length, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, as well as intra-ocular lens calculation. And also with the central area and the peripheral areas gain automatic compensation capability, accurate measurement of central and peripheral corneal thickness, is widely used in the preoperative examination and postoperative effect evaluation of refractive surgery.

SK-2000AP Technical Specifications


Frequency 10MHz
Accuracy Axial Length Measurement ≤ 0.05mm
Depth ≥40mm
Propagation Velocity 1641,1532
Data Output Cornea, Anterior Chamber, Lens,Vitreous, Axial Length
IOL Calculation 6 common methods, Srk2, Srk/t,Binkhorst ll, Hoffer Q, Hollady, Haigis
Default Eye Mode Normal, Dense, Aphakic,PMMA, Silicone, Acrylic, Cataractous and 2Customized Modes
Measurement Method Immersion or Contact Measurement Mode


Frequency 20MHz
Accuracy Corneal Measurement ≤ 0.01mm
Depth 0.15mm-1.5mm
Propagation Velocity 1640
Data Output Corneal Thickness
Measurement Method Contact Measurement Mode
Other Parameter
Gain 99db
Touch Screen 6.5 inch Color
Display Resolution ≤ 0.1mm
Output Information 10-group Data, Average & Standard Deviation Calculation
Storage 200 copies Exam Data
Print Built-in Fast Thermal Printer


A Scan Ultrasound & Pachymeter SK-2000AP

Original price was: ₨ 699,900.00.Current price is: ₨ 685,900.00.

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