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Digital Dry bath Incubator FE2402 – Dry bath incubators Price In Pakistan

Original price was: ₨ 39,900.00.Current price is: ₨ 36,900.00.


The Digital Dry Bath Incubators have been tested and found To comply with the safety limits for CE regulations. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection Against harm when the equipment is operated In a commercial environment.

  • Read and follow carefully the manual instructions.
  • Do not alter the EQUIPMENT. Failure to adhere to these directions could result
  • In personal and/ or laboratory hazards, as well as invalidate the equipment warranty.
  • Use a properly grounded electrical outlet of correct voltage and current handling capacity.
  • Disconnect from the power source before maintenance and servicing. Refer servicing to
  •  Qualified personnel. in the event a solution is accidentally spilled into the instrument, Disconnect the grounded plug and the user must carry out appropriate procedure or contact Their supplier. Replace damaged parts.
  • Do not use in the presence of flammable or combustible material; fire or explosion may result? This device contains components. which may ignite such materials.
  • Refer maintenance and servicing to qualified personnel.
  • Ensure that the system is connected to the electrical source according to the local and national Electrical codes. Failure to property connect may create a fire or shock hazard.
  • Ensure the appropriate used materials and correct operation to avoid possible hazards of explosion, Implosion or release of toxic or flammable gases arising from the materials being heated.
  • Always use the block lifter to remove hot blocks, and wear appropriate


The Digital Dry Bath Heating Systems are ready to Plug and Play. The unit should only be used on a sturdy, level surface in a safe, dry place. Before operation. ensure one or two heating Aluminium block(s) islare inserted into the bath, or if using as a water bath, that water has been added.

Safety Information

Use high level precautions against any electrical device. Before connecting with the electrical supply. check the supply voltage is within the range stated at the rating label, and this device must be earthed.

Place the unit in a safe and dry location not touching any surrounding material.

Follow safety precautions for chemicals and dangerous materials. If needed. please contact a qualified service representative of your supplier.

Product Overview

Digital Dry Bath Heating Systems are designed to cover a wide variety of applications. Excellent temperature control delivers accurate and reliable experimental results, time after time. Digital Dry Bath Heating Systems are space-saving, compact instruments, offering great value.




Controller                                 Digital Microcontroller

Display                                               Digital

Temperature Range                         250C Above ambient, to 990C

Temperature Increase                     .10C

Temperature Calibration                 Yes

Temperature Uniformity                 + 0.20C at 370C

Temperature Accuracy                    + 0.20C at 370C

Timer                                                   0 to 999 minutes

Safety Device                                      Leak-proof heating chamber

Heating Chamber                              Aluminium

Block Material                                   Aluminium

Operating Temperature                   Ambient – 400C

Power                                                  2401-9101: 220W

Rated Voltage                                    110or 220 Volt

N2401-9101:220V AC, 50/60 Hz, 0.21A


Unit Dimensions                               200 x 290 x 80 mm (W X L X H)

Weight                                                N2401-9101: 2kg Approximately

Code Function Ranges Set At Note
F1 Temperature set value -50.0-99.90C 37.6oC
F2 Different set value 1 – 10.00C 0.3oC
F3 Compressor delay time 1 – 10 minutes 1
F4 temperature calibration  value -10.0 C- 10.00C -0.5oC






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Digital Dry bath Incubator FE2402 - Dry bath incubators Price In Pakistan

Original price was: ₨ 39,900.00.Current price is: ₨ 36,900.00.

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