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Mobile OT Light Price | Mobile LED OT Light | Portable OT light Price in Paksitan | LXR-SL4B Battery OT Light

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Medical lighting is one of the most crucial elements in all surgical professions. Surgical lights have evolved as a superior option in comparison with traditional ones. The effective and successful performance of surgical lights has also increased their popularity.

General features

  • High-intensity of 80,000 lux at 1 meter;
  • 4 300k color temperature offers natural and true coloring;
  • Accurate color rendition;
  • Super deep-Cavity illumination;
  • Excellent shadow control;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Osram LED chips-each rated with a 50,000-hour bulb life;
  • Extremely smooth focus mechanism with focusing knobs;
  • Variety of configuration; Floor standing, Wall mounted and ceiling;
  • Less maintenance, provide best outcome for hospitals

Technical specifications

  • Illumination: 40,000- 80,000 lux
  • Color temperature: 4300+-500K
  • Color rendering index: 95%
  • Light field size: 150-300mm
  • Illumination depth; 800mm
  • Bulb power: 1W
  • Diameter of lamp head: 500mm
  • Qty of LEDs: 20
  • Temperature rise at surgeon’s head: less than 2oC
  • Last over 4 hours once fully charged
  • Indicator for the backup lithium battery










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