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Ultrasound Visible Stimulation Needle | Peripheral nerve blocks Needle | Stimuplex Ultra 360 B Braun Needle VetCare

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Stimuplex® Ultra 360® is 30° bevel single shot cannula with excellent echogenic properties, used to provide the basic anesthesia for short-term interventions or additional single nerve blocks in continuous techniques.

Next Generation echogenic stimulating Needle 20G x 4″ 30 0.9 x 100mm

Stimuplex® Ultra 360® needles feature B. Braun’s new echogenic 360° X-pattern. The ‘X’ is a unique shape, which when combined with a clear coating, reflects more ultrasound waves back to the probe than previous designs.¹ These needles are designed to provide visibility without compromising puncture characteristics, featuring the same 30° bevel found on other market-leading² Stimuplex needles.

Design Benefits

For single shot nerve blocks with Nerve Stimulation and Ultrasound

    • Laser crafted ultrasound reflectors with safety code pattern
    • Widely used 30° facet bevel with back cut
    • High quality low friction coating
    • 50 cm long DEHP-free injection tubing
    • 20G x 4″ 30 0.9 x 100mm
    • The needles are available from 35 – 150 mm and G20/G22 sizes.

Stimulating, non-echogenic needle, single-shot nerve block.

Stimuplex® A is a stimulating, non-echogenic single shot needle designed for optimal puncture and handling characteristics.

Design Advantages

Stimuplex A received the highest usability score in a study comparing different manufacturers needles.1

  • Puncture and handling characteristics with 30° bevel.
  • Consistent feel: Enables user to appreciate the needles’ passage through different tissue planes.
  • Optimal glide resistance: For smooth progression of needle.
  • Visualize insertion depth with cm markings
  • Integrated extension tubing.

For use with HNS11/12 Nerve stimulators.



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