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Refurbished Lab Autoclave Tomy SX-500 

  • Small Footprint
  • Large Loads
  • Save Time, Space and Effort
  • 50-Liter capacity
  • Accommodates up to 3 stackable stainless-steel baskets for maximum capacity loads (includes 2 baskets).

Rapid Cooling Action

TOMY SX-500 Lab Autoclave comes standard with a dual fan system, which reduces the cooling time by 42% compared to non-fan-equipped autoclaves. Thus, shortening overall operation time and reducing the possibility of burns.

Easy installation

Just plug it in and add water! Whereas some lab autoclaves need plumbing or vacuum connections, TOMY Autoclaves are simple to install.

Intuitive operation

Because of a well-designed LED display, the TOMY SX-500 Lab Autoclave is easy to monitor. The foot-pedal assisted mechanical lid makes for easy opening. And wheels allow for effortless movement and storage.

5 Convenient Sterilization Settings

First, a Liquid Sterilizing Course which helps prevents boiling over. Second is the normal Sterilizing Cycle. Next the Sterilizing–Warming Course prevents coagulation, hardening, or freezing of culture media after the sterilization ends. Then the Heating–Warming Course, which is convenient for heating and dissolving culture media. Last, a Memory Recall setting, which allows you to repeat previous settings.


The main body of the SX-500 autoclave is compact because of the vertical design. Vertical autoclaves are ideal for maintaining high capacities in a compact lab setting. In addition, installation space at the side of the autoclave is not required, as compared to autoclaves using a slide-open lid.

Designed to be reliable and simple

Made of high quality, durable materials. Because TOMY focuses on quality, we help create the best user experience possible, with minimal maintenance or downtime.

Rapid Cooling ActionSpace-Saving


Operating Temperature Range Sterilizing 105 – 135°C (0.019 – 0.212 MPa)
Heating 45 – 104°C (0 – 0.015 MPa)
Warming 45 – 95°C
Maximum Operating Pressure 0.263 MPa
Temperature Display Digital
Pressure Gauge Display Analog
Display Range 0 – 0.4 MPa
Heat Source 2 kW electric heater
Safety Device • Water level sensor • Current leakage breaker • Lid interlock • Over-heat prevention • Over-pressure prevention • Open temperature sensor detection • Safety valve
Display Digital
Display Range Sterilizing 0:00 – 9:59, 0 – 99 hours, 0 – 999 min. (0:00 – 9:59, 10 – 99 hours changeable)
Warming Variable: 0 – 99 hours
Effective Chamber Dimensions φ315 x 638 mm
Chamber Capacity Effective internal volume: 50 L, Internal volume: 58 L
Chamber Material SUS304
Dimensions (mm) 410 (W) x 477 (D) x 970 (H) mm (With protruding: 574 D)
Weight 60 kg
Required Power Supply AC 120 V 20A Requires NEMA5-20P type power plug
Power Consumption (calorific value) 2.0 kW (1720 cal/h)
Environmental Conditions When operating the autoclave, observe the environmental conditions given below.

Ambient temperature: 10 to 35°C

Atmospheric pressure: 860 to 1060 hPa

Relative humidity: 30 to 85%

Maximum gradient: 2

Accessories Stainless baskets 2 (φ300 x 182 mm)
• Chamber bottom Plate (1) • Caster stoppers (4) • Operator’s Manual (1) • Clear folder (for storing the operation manual) (1) • Screw (for attaching the clear folder) (1) • Warranty card (1) • Customer card (1) • Inspection Sheet (1)


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